Learn techniques to enhance your pre-sales capabilities and drive better sales outcomes. Identify high-quality leads, improve the bidding process, close deals effectively, and renew contracts successfully. Increase win rates, revenue, and customer retention rates by focusing on the pre-sales process.


In the world of sales, the pre-sales process plays a critical role in identifying potential leads, submitting bids, closing deals, and renewing contracts. It is the foundation on which successful sales organizations are built. While many sales professionals focus on improving their sales skills and techniques, paying more attention to the pre-sales process can significantly enhance overall sales performance. In this article, we will explore techniques to enhance your pre-sales capabilities and drive better sales outcomes.

Identifying Leads

The first step in enhancing pre-sales capabilities is identifying high-quality leads early in the sales cycle. Companies can leverage advanced analytics techniques such as propensity-to-buy modeling, micro-market targeting, account-level opportunity assessment, and churn prediction to identify potential customers with a higher likelihood of conversion. By focusing efforts on leads that are more likely to become customers, sales professionals can significantly increase their qualification rates. According to McKinsey, achieving an ideal qualification rate of around 50% should be the goal[^1].

Submitting Bids

The bidding process is another critical aspect of pre-sales that can greatly impact sales outcomes. To improve the bidding process, companies should ensure sufficient allocation of presales resources by assigning technical experts to the most promising bids. This not only increases the chances of winning the bid but also minimizes disruptions to their assignments. Additionally, simplifying and redesigning the bid review and approval process can help streamline the overall workflow. Key account managers can also provide valuable suggestions and recommendations to the presales team right after a bid submission, further enhancing the chances of success[^1].

Closing Deals

Closing deals is the ultimate goal of any sales professional. To enhance pre-sales capabilities in closing deals, sales professionals should focus on shaping conversations with clients and positioning the company’s solution as the ideal one. This requires investing time in understanding the client’s needs and demonstrating how the solution can address those needs effectively. For example, a telecommunications company employed presales “store rangers” to engage with customers in stores, leading to increased cross-selling opportunities and providing training to store salespeople[^1].

Renewing Deals

Post-sale activities are as crucial as pre-sales efforts in maintaining a successful sales process. Presales teams should remain active even after a sale to enhance customer retention rates. They can help predict customer needs, recommend products or services based on specific customer requirements, and provide their expertise. Implementing real-time systems that assess a customer’s emotional state and suggest the preferred conversational style for call-center agents can also greatly improve customer satisfaction and retention. By anticipating triggers for a renewal, standardizing tools, and automating processes to send alerts and recommendations before a contract’s renewal date, presales teams can accelerate sales pipeline velocity[^1].


Enhancing pre-sales capabilities is a crucial step towards improving overall sales performance. By focusing on identifying high-quality leads, improving the bidding process, closing deals effectively, and renewing contracts successfully, sales professionals can significantly increase their win rates, revenue, and customer retention rates. It is important for sales organizations to pay more attention to the pre-sales process and implement the techniques mentioned above to drive better sales outcomes.


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