Learn why networking is crucial for successful selling. Discover strategies to build a strong sales network through referrals, social media, and events. Avoid common networking mistakes and maximize your success in selling.


Networking plays a crucial role in the success of sales professionals. Building and leveraging connections is not only a way to generate leads but also a way to expand one’s customer base and increase sales. In today’s competitive business landscape, networking has become more important than ever. In this article, we will explore the importance of networking in successful selling and provide valuable insights and strategies for sales professionals.

Building a Sales Network

Sales networking involves establishing and nurturing relationships to create opportunities for sales growth. To build a strong sales network, sales professionals can utilize various sources such as referrals, social media, and events.

Referrals: The Power of Word-of-Mouth

Referrals are considered one of the highest-quality leads by sales professionals. When someone refers a potential customer to a sales professional, there is already a level of trust and credibility established. According to a survey, 66% of sales professionals believe that referrals are the best quality leads. To effectively build a sales network through referrals, sales professionals should keep the “ask” simple and opt for quick email introductions. Platforms like LinkedIn can be utilized to find connections and leverage existing customers to introduce potential leads.

Social Media: A Digital Networking Playground

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have become effective tools for networking. These platforms allow sales professionals to showcase their expertise, share industry knowledge, and connect with potential customers. According to a survey, 47% of sales professionals have found quality leads through social media. To make the most of social media networking, sales professionals should make their profiles more visible, share valuable content, and target individuals who are genuinely interested in their offers. Joining groups on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn that bring together people with shared interests or work in specific industries can also boost networking efforts.

Events: Networking Opportunities in Person

Tradeshows, conferences, and industry events provide valuable opportunities for in-person networking. According to the survey, 44% of sales professionals find events to be valuable for networking. Sales professionals should say “yes” to every networking opportunity at events and be proactive in seeking out connections. Approaching people they already know and asking for introductions can also be effective strategies. Preparation is key, and sales professionals should research attendees, sponsors, and speakers before attending an event to make the most of networking opportunities. Following up with potential contacts after an event is also crucial to maintain and further develop relationships.

Key Factors for Successful Sales Networking

Several factors contribute to successful sales networking. Sales professionals should focus on selecting the right people to connect with, choosing the appropriate platforms or events to reach out to them, determining the right time to initiate contact, and following up with new connections. By strategically considering these factors, sales professionals can maximize the effectiveness of their networking efforts.

Networking Mistakes to Avoid

While networking can provide many opportunities, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can hinder success. Sales professionals should refrain from pitching too hard, as this can be off-putting to potential customers. Additionally, forgetting to follow up with new connections or solely focusing on closing deals instead of building meaningful relationships can undermine the effectiveness of networking efforts.

Real-Life Examples

Christopher Nault effectively used LinkedIn to encourage bookings. By utilizing the platform’s features and leveraging existing connections, he was able to generate leads and close deals. Scott Barker grew his following through regular content sharing on LinkedIn, positioning himself as an expert in his field and attracting potential customers.


Networking is a vital strategy for sales professionals in today’s competitive business landscape. Building and leveraging connections can lead to new leads, opportunities for growth, and increased sales. Referrals, social media, and events are all powerful tools in creating a strong sales network. By utilizing these strategies and avoiding common networking mistakes, sales professionals can maximize their success in selling. Remember, networking is not just about closing deals, but also about building meaningful relationships that can lead to long-term business success.


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