Learn how to make a compelling pitch in a virtual meeting with these key strategies and best practices. From crafting a clear and engaging narrative to engaging the virtual audience, and preparing for a successful pitch, these tips will help you enhance your virtual pitch and improve your chances of success in the post-COVID era of virtual selling.


In the post-COVID era, virtual meetings have become the norm for sales professionals. As the world continues to adapt to remote work and online communication, mastering the art of virtual selling is more important than ever. Making a compelling pitch in a virtual meeting requires a combination of preparation, effective communication, and engaging presentation skills. In this article, we will explore the key strategies and best practices for virtual selling in a post-COVID era, specifically focusing on how to make a compelling pitch in a virtual meeting. Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or new to the virtual selling landscape, these tips will help you enhance your virtual pitch and improve your chances of success.

Crafting a Clear and Engaging Pitch

One of the most crucial aspects of making a compelling pitch in a virtual meeting is crafting a clear and engaging narrative. Your pitch should be structured like a mini-movie, taking the audience on a journey that highlights the problem, solution, and benefits of your product or service. Here are some key tips for crafting an effective pitch:

  1. Stick to the main narrative: It’s important to stay focused on the main story and avoid veering off into unrelated sidequests. Keep your pitch concise and to the point, emphasizing the key points that will grab the audience’s attention.

  2. Highlight the solution: Instead of solely focusing on the problem you aim to solve, direct the conversation towards the solution. Provide enough detail to spark interest and invite exploration of your idea.

  3. Use storytelling techniques: Incorporate stories, examples, and personal experiences to make your pitch more relatable and memorable. By engaging the audience emotionally, you can create a stronger connection and increase the chances of a successful pitch.

Engaging the Virtual Audience

In a virtual meeting, engaging the audience can be more challenging than in an in-person setting. However, there are several strategies you can employ to captivate your virtual audience and make your pitch more compelling. Here are some tips:

  1. Show your face and be mindful of facial expressions: Being visible on the screen and using gestures and facial expressions can help captivate the audience. Make eye contact with the camera to create a sense of connection.

  2. Utilize technology: Leverage technology to enhance your pitch. Use visual demonstrations and slides to highlight your key points, but be mindful of overwhelming the audience with excessive information. Consider your slides as supporting your speech, not replacing it.

  3. Be interactive: Incorporate interactive elements like polls or Q&A sessions to make the pitch more engaging. Encourage participants to ask questions and provide feedback, creating a dynamic and interactive environment.

Preparing for a Successful Virtual Pitch

Preparation is key to delivering a successful virtual pitch. Here are some tips to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Come prepared with all relevant information: Gather all the necessary information and data for your presentation ahead of time. This allows the panel to review it in advance and ensures you can speak confidently, even if the room appears empty.

  2. Conduct a tech check: Before the virtual meeting, check that all your technology is functioning properly. Test the tools you will be using, ensure your browser and operating system are up to date, and consider pre-recording any demos as a backup plan in case of technical failures.

  3. Consider your surroundings: Choose a suitable location for the virtual meeting, preferably a quiet room with minimal distractions. Pay attention to your background, ensuring it is professional and free from any potential distractions.


Virtual selling has become an essential skill for sales professionals in the post-COVID era. Making a compelling pitch in a virtual meeting requires effective communication, engaging presentation skills, and thorough preparation. By crafting a clear and engaging pitch, utilizing technology to engage the virtual audience, and adequately preparing for the virtual meeting, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Virtual selling presents new opportunities and challenges, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can master the art of making compelling pitches in virtual meetings.


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