Learn how to choose the right sales training tools for onboarding new sales hires. From online courses to sales coaching software, simulations, playbooks, and podcasts, discover the resources that can enhance your team's learning experience and drive success.


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Onboarding and Training New Sales Hires – How to Choose the Right Sales Training Tools. Whether you’re a sales manager looking to optimize your team’s onboarding process or a new sales hire searching for the best training resources, this article is for you.

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To choose the right sales training tools for onboarding new sales hires, consider factors such as content relevance, delivery methods, flexibility, analytics, and integration capabilities. Online courses and platforms, sales coaching software, sales simulations and role-plays, sales playbooks and templates, and sales podcasts and blogs are some of the tools available to create engaging and effective learning experiences for your sales team.

So, let’s dive into the details and explore the different sales training tools you can utilize for onboarding new sales hires.

Sales Training Tools for Onboarding New Sales Hires

Online Courses and Platforms

One of the most common and effective ways to train new sales hires is through online courses and platforms. These resources provide self-paced learning opportunities and cover a wide range of topics, from sales fundamentals to specific skills like prospecting, closing, negotiation, and presentation.

Some popular online course platforms include HubSpot Academy, Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning. These platforms offer a variety of courses created by industry experts and professionals. By making use of these online resources, you can ensure that your new sales hires have access to high-quality training materials and can learn at their own pace.

Sales Coaching Software

Sales coaching software has become increasingly popular in recent years, enabling sales managers and trainers to monitor, assess, and improve sales reps’ performance. These tools offer a range of features, including call recording and analysis, feedback and scoring, action plans and goals, gamification, recognition, and reporting.

Gong, Chorus, Refract, and ExecVision are some examples of sales coaching software that can help you optimize your team’s onboarding experience. With these tools, you can provide personalized feedback, identify areas for improvement, and track the progress of your new sales hires.

Sales Simulations and Role-plays

Sales simulations and role-plays are valuable tools for allowing new sales hires to practice and refine their skills in real-life sales scenarios. These exercises provide a safe environment for reps to experiment with different strategies and receive feedback from their trainers.

SalesHood, MindTickle, and Rehearsal are online tools that can be used to create and conduct sales simulations and role-plays. Additionally, in-person sessions and video conferencing can also be utilized for this purpose. By incorporating these training methods into your onboarding process, you can ensure that your sales team is well-prepared to handle various customer interactions.

Sales Playbooks and Templates

Sales playbooks and templates offer a structured framework for new sales hires to follow. These resources provide guidance on sales methodologies, value propositions, buyer personas, objection handling, and closing techniques. By leveraging sales playbooks and templates, you can ensure consistency and align your entire sales team around best practices.

PandaDoc, Proposify, and Close are examples of online tools that can help you create and manage sales playbooks and templates. These tools allow you to customize your sales materials and make them easily accessible to your sales reps.

Sales Podcasts and Blogs

Sales podcasts and blogs can complement your sales training efforts by offering valuable insights, tips, and inspiration from industry experts. These resources provide a convenient and continuous learning experience for your sales team.

Some popular sales podcasts include The Sales Hacker Podcast, The Sales Enablement Podcast, and The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling. Sales blogs, such as the HubSpot Sales Blog, Sales Gravy Blog, and Sales Hacker Blog, also offer valuable content for sales professionals.

By incorporating sales podcasts and blogs into your onboarding program, you can provide your new sales hires with additional learning opportunities and expose them to a variety of perspectives and experiences from successful sales professionals.


Onboarding and training new sales hires requires careful consideration of the tools and resources available. By utilizing online courses and platforms, sales coaching software, sales simulations and role-plays, sales playbooks and templates, and sales podcasts and blogs, you can create engaging, effective, and scalable learning experiences for your sales team.

Remember, when choosing sales training tools, consider factors such as content relevance, delivery methods, flexibility, analytics, and integration capabilities. Each tool serves a specific purpose, and the key is to find the right mix of resources that align with your team’s needs and goals.

Investing in the onboarding and training of your sales hires is crucial for their success and the overall growth of your organization. With the right sales training tools, you can equip your sales team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel in their roles.

So, start exploring these sales training tools and take your onboarding and training program to the next level.


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