Discover successful rewarding systems in sales that can enhance performance and satisfaction. Examples include unlimited commissions, tailored incentives, experimentation, non-financial rewards, and goal alignment. Find out how these strategies can benefit your organization.


Sales management plays a critical role in the success of any organization. A key aspect of effective sales management is implementing rewarding systems that motivate and incentivize sales teams to achieve their goals. In this article, we will explore examples of successful rewarding systems in sales and discuss their impact on performance and employee satisfaction.

Rewarding System 1: Unlimited Commissions

One successful rewarding system in sales is the elimination of caps on commissions. This approach allows salespeople to earn unlimited commissions based on their performance, providing a strong incentive for them to exceed their targets. A study conducted by Sanjog Misra and Harikesh Nair on a Fortune 500 optical products company found that removing commission caps resulted in a 9% increase in companywide revenue[^4]. This demonstrates that allowing salespeople to earn unlimited commissions can be highly effective in driving performance and increasing sales.

Rewarding System 2: Tailored Incentives

Another example of a successful rewarding system is tailoring incentives to match the motivations and preferences of individual salespeople. A research study conducted on a B2B office equipment supplier found that different components of the compensation plan appealed to different subsets of the sales force[^4]. High performers were motivated by overachievement commissions, while lower performers were kept on track by quarterly bonuses. This highlights the importance of understanding the unique needs and motivations of salespeople and customizing the rewarding system accordingly.

Rewarding System 3: Experimentation and Optimization

Successful organizations recognize the importance of experimenting with different rewarding systems to find the most effective approach. According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, applying analytics and conducting controlled field experiments can provide valuable insights into what works best for sales teams[^4]. By leveraging real company data and monitoring the performance and feedback of sales reps, companies can continuously optimize their rewarding systems to drive better results.

Rewarding System 4: Non-Financial Rewards

While monetary incentives play a significant role in motivating sales teams, non-financial rewards should not be overlooked. Recognitions such as prizes, certificates, badges, shout-outs, thank-you notes, or public announcements can have a powerful impact on employee engagement and satisfaction[^3]. Tailoring these non-financial rewards to the preferences and achievements of individual salespeople can create a more personalized and meaningful experience.

Rewarding System 5: Goal Alignment

Successful rewarding systems in sales align individual salespeople’s goals with the overall objectives of the organization. By setting clear and realistic targets for each sales role, managers can ensure that everyone is working towards a common mission. Salespeople who can see a direct correlation between their efforts and the company’s success are more likely to be motivated and committed to achieving their targets.


Implementing effective rewarding systems in sales can significantly impact the performance, motivation, and satisfaction of sales teams. Examples such as unlimited commissions, tailored incentives, experimentation and optimization, non-financial rewards, and goal alignment demonstrate the diverse approaches organizations can take to drive sales success. By continuously evaluating and refining their rewarding systems, companies can create a competitive advantage, retain top talent, and achieve their sales goals.


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