Discover the best practices in sales leadership training with this informative article. Learn about the benefits of participating in sales leadership training programs, key topics covered, and reputable training providers like Harvard, Richardson, Kaplan, Kellogg, and NASP. Find out how to measure the ROI of sales leadership training and unlock the potential for improved sales performance and team success.


Sales leadership is a critical aspect of any successful sales organization. It involves guiding and motivating a team of sales professionals to achieve their goals and drive revenue growth. Effective sales leadership requires a combination of strategic thinking, strong communication skills, and the ability to inspire and coach others. To develop these leadership skills, sales professionals can benefit from dedicated sales leadership training programs.

In this article, we will explore best practices in sales leadership training. We will discuss the benefits of participating in such programs, the key topics typically covered, and examples of reputable sales leadership training providers. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of measuring the return on investment (ROI) of sales leadership training initiatives.

The Benefits of Sales Leadership Training Programs

Sales leadership training programs offer several benefits for both emerging sales leaders and experienced sales managers. These programs provide valuable insights and strategies that enable sales leaders to effectively coach, train, and lead their teams. The key benefits of sales leadership training include:

  1. Developing Strategic Thinking: Sales leadership training programs help sales leaders develop strategic thinking capabilities by providing them with frameworks and tools to analyze sales management issues, set objectives, and make data-driven decisions.

  2. Enhancing Coaching and Communication Skills: Effective coaching and communication are crucial for sales leaders to inspire their teams and drive performance. Sales leadership training programs offer techniques and methodologies that enhance communication skills, facilitate effective coaching conversations, and improve sales team engagement.

  3. Driving Sales Performance: Sales leadership training programs provide specific strategies and tactics that help sales leaders optimize their sales organization’s performance. Training sessions focus on identifying characteristics of high-performing sales managers, applying effective coaching methods, training salespeople using proven methodologies, and improving overall sales culture.

  4. Personal and Career Development: Sales leadership training programs also aim to support participants’ personal growth and career development. These programs assist sales professionals in defining their professional purpose, setting goals, and equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed as sales leaders.

Key Topics Covered in Sales Leadership Training Programs

Sales leadership training programs typically cover a range of essential topics to equip sales leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Some of the key topics covered include:

  1. Coaching and Mentoring: Effective coaching and mentoring are critical aspects of sales leadership. Sales leadership training programs focus on teaching sales leaders how to provide guidance, support, and feedback to their team members to enhance their performance and drive results.

  2. Sales Process Optimization: Sales process optimization helps sales leaders ensure their teams follow a consistent and efficient sales process. This includes identifying and removing bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and implementing sales technology tools to improve productivity.

  3. Sales Team Management: Sales leadership training programs provide insights into managing sales teams effectively. This includes topics such as team structure, performance management, goal setting, motivation techniques, and creating a positive sales culture.

  4. Strategic Sales Planning: Sales leaders need to develop a strategic sales plan to align their team’s efforts with organizational objectives. Sales leadership training programs guide sales leaders in developing sales strategies, setting realistic targets, and identifying key growth opportunities.

  5. Change Management: Sales leadership often involves driving change within the sales organization. Sales leadership training programs equip sales leaders with change management strategies to navigate organizational changes, overcome resistance, and keep their team focused and motivated during transitions.

Reputable Sales Leadership Training Providers

When selecting a sales leadership training program, it’s crucial to choose a reputable provider that offers relevant and comprehensive training content. Here are some well-established sales leadership training providers:

  1. Harvard Division of Continuing Education: Harvard offers a program called “Strategic Sales Management” designed for emerging sales leaders and mid-career professionals. This program focuses on strategic sales leadership and management approaches and covers topics such as coaching, training, communication, and personal development[^1].

  2. Richardson: Richardson is a renowned sales training company that offers sales leadership training programs as part of their sales transformation initiatives. Their programs focus on developing leadership capabilities, coaching skills, and sales management disciplines. Richardson claims their training can increase revenue by 5-12% and improve skill efficiency by 24%[^2].

  3. Kaplan: Kaplan’s sales leadership training programs aim to develop both technical and behavioral skills of sales leaders. Their training integrates with internal processes and methodologies while providing supporting technology and tools for ongoing training. Kaplan utilizes digital tools to embed sales best practices within organizations and enable ongoing learning[^3].

  4. Kellogg Executive Education: Kellogg offers various sales leadership training programs designed to help sales leaders develop high-performing sales forces, design comprehensive sales strategies, and manage change in a volatile environment. These programs are led by faculty with expertise in sales leadership and utilize interactive learning methods[^4].

  5. National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP): NASP provides the Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL) designation, which is a comprehensive online course designed to enhance sales leadership skills and transform relationships with sales teams. The program covers topics such as effective communication, leadership strategies, and gaining trust through consistent performance[^12].

Measuring the ROI of Sales Leadership Training

To ensure the effectiveness of sales leadership training programs, it is crucial to measure the return on investment (ROI). While ROI calculation can vary based on specific organizational contexts, some common metrics to consider include:

  1. Sales Performance Improvement: Measure the increase in sales revenue, average deal size, and win rates after implementing sales leadership training. Compare the performance of teams that have undergone training with those that haven’t.

  2. Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Assess the impact of sales leadership training on employee engagement and satisfaction levels. Conduct surveys or interviews to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the training in enhancing employees’ job satisfaction and motivation.

  3. Retention and Turnover: Evaluate the impact of sales leadership training on employee retention rates. Compare the turnover rates of teams that have undergone training with those that haven’t to determine whether training has a positive influence on engagement and retention.

  4. Time-to-Ramp: Measure the time it takes for new sales hires to become fully productive after completing sales leadership training. Compare the time-to-ramp metrics of trained and untrained employees to assess the training’s impact on accelerating productivity.

  5. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Assess how sales leadership training has positively impacted customer satisfaction and loyalty. Analyze feedback from customers to gauge the impact of trained sales leaders on building strong customer relationships and delivering exceptional service.

While ROI measurement can be challenging, it is essential to evaluate the impact of sales leadership training programs and ensure they deliver value for the investment made.


Sales leadership training programs play a crucial role in developing effective sales leaders who can drive their teams towards success. These programs provide valuable insights, best practices, and practical strategies to enhance sales leadership skills. By participating in reputable sales leadership training programs, sales professionals can develop the strategic thinking, coaching abilities, and communication skills necessary to excel in sales leadership roles.

It is essential to choose a sales leadership training program that aligns with organizational goals and addresses specific development needs. Reputable providers such as Harvard Division of Continuing Education, Richardson, Kaplan, Kellogg Executive Education, and NASP offer comprehensive sales leadership training programs.

To evaluate the effectiveness of sales leadership training, measuring the ROI is crucial. Metrics such as sales performance improvement, employee engagement and satisfaction, retention and turnover rates, time-to-ramp, and customer satisfaction and loyalty can help assess the impact of training initiatives.

Investing in sales leadership training can drive significant improvements in sales performance, team engagement, and overall organizational success. By equipping sales leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, organizations can build a high-performing sales culture and achieve their sales objectives.


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